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Where’s my water apk(Latest version) Free download!

Filed in Android, Simple solutions by on 15/04/2014 1 Comment

Where’s my water is one of the most popular Android strategy game. You are to deliever water to Swampy(Hero Crocodile), while passing through several Hurdles. Their are hidden items to discover, different modes to help renew Gamer’s interest and a few other things make the game a really fun thing to play and spend time […]

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Tiny Thief hack no jailbreak required

Filed in Apple, Hacking tricks by on 13/04/2014 0 Comments

iny thief is one of the most popular Mind+Arcade game of Google play and Appstore. You are to complete missions that require you to do certain tasks. Finding hidden objects, main element discovery and Squirrel resque areUnits, the whole game revolves around. There are 6 major Stages that are Further divided into 5-6 sub-levels. First […]

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How to Clear History, Cache and Cookies in Safari browser(iOS)

Cookies and Cache is the data that is stored in the browser’s database locally and helps provide user better browsing experience. For example, if a person use to visit on let-say daily basis, possibly to check his emails, browser stores his credentials in its database and next time when he visit the webpage again […]

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A user guide to setup Restrictions in iOS devices

Think of a situation where a friend of yours asks to borrow your iDevice, let-say your iPad and you really donot want to agree, however thinking of that chances are he might get resent if you say him No, you somehow said Ok. But you can still make him return your Device a little bit […]

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Plants vs Zombies 2 hack no jailbreak required

Filed in Apple, Hacking tricks, Tutorials by on 31/03/2014 0 Comments

Plants vs Zombies 2 is one of the most addictive arcade game of both Appstore and Google play. Think of it like, you have the command of Plants and you have to place them in your Garden in order to protect yourself from Brutal zombies. Each plant requires a specific amount of energy to come […]

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How to check if an Email address is Valid or not?

Filed in Tips and tricks, Tutorials by on 30/03/2014 0 Comments

Think of a situation where you plan to check whether an Email address is valid or not. What can you possibly do to check that? You might send a dummy message to that Email. If the message has been sent successfully without any problem, the email was valid. In opposite situation, your mail client, be […]

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